Gaurapad Temperature is a Nanotechnology based soft gel pad for headaches and fever associated with malaria. Gaurapad Temperature absorbs body heat continually and discharge the absorbed heat back to the surrounding environment. It is a very soft, medical-grade, non-electric thermo regulating cooling pad that soothes, relaxes the body, and is never too cold or too warm. Its synergy between specialized materials and gel coupled with the laws of thermodynamics provides a dry, cool, thermo regulating and cushioning effect.

Directions for Use:

  • Clean the forehead, back of the neck or any other place you want to cool
  • Peel off the protective paper and discard
  • Stick the Gaurapad Temperature to the area you want to cool
  • Use each Gaurapad Temperature pad only once



Nanotechnology based hydrophilic and macromolecule material, mint, ice sheet and energized water.