Gaurapad Malarine is the world first transdermal antimalaria developed from natural plant extracts. Gaurapad Malarine is our 100% natural, rapid-action solution for malaria, and it provides rapid relief from signs and symptoms of malaria within hours.

Our advanced deep penetration (transdermal) technology maximises the potency of Gaurapad Malarine because it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.



Direction for Use: fter cleaning your skin, remove two patches and place below the right breast Dosage: Use two patches everyday for three days. Leave on the last pair for 48 hours. Change each pair of patches every 24 hours except the last pair which stays for 48 hours. In case of sensitive skin, do not place the Gaurapad Malarine on exactly the same spots every time. NB: Avoid placing them under the left breast and take adequate amount of water.